Treasure on Treasure Isle

Unexpected Treasure Found on the Treasure Isle of Britain!

Treasures are all over the world. Finding them, in the most unexpected way, is very exciting. Just like our treasure hunting hero, Treasure Kai, there are many people who are real life treasure hunters. One very exciting place to hunt for treasure is the British Isle. It is considered as one of the many treasure isles in the world.

In fact, our hero, Dave Crisp stumbled upon one of the greatest treasure finds in modern times in South Western England. He found lots and lots of Roman gold coins (over 52,000) worth millions of dollars!

Amateur treasure hunter

Dave Crisp is an amateur treasure hunter who works as a chef in London. Armed with his metal detector, Dave loves to go out in the fields on weekends to look for historical treasures. He just loves the feeling of finding something valuable, like treasures and stuff! He found many things before, just small things, but the discoveries made him want to keep treasure hunting. He considered those finds as treasure trails; evidence that there is indeed treasure to be found under the ground. And one day, he finally did it! He found a treasure that made everyone in the world recognize him as a true treasure hunting hero.

Finding historical treasure

Here’s what happened. For the last 20 years of his life, Dave would go out in the field with his metal detector, hoping to find a historical treasure. It was a clear and beautiful April day in the pretty little town of Somerset, when suddenly Dave’s metal detector gave a funny sound. He’d never heard it make that sound before. So he stopped. He bent down. And he started digging with his hands.

It didn’t take long before he found a tiny bronze coin about the size of his fingernail. He was elated! So he kept digging until he found more, about 20 more bronze coins! It was something he had never seen before. And when he put his hands deeper into the ground, he found a pot. The pot was ancient, like the coins he found. He decided he needed help from experts because he didn’t want to damage or destroy what could be a very important piece of history.

A real treasure

What he found was indeed very valuable. A real treasure! No one had ever found anything like it. With the help of archaeologists, they found a jar under the pot. That jar was filled with 52,500 Roman bronze coins and weighed over 160 kilograms (over 300 pounds)! It was valued at $5 million dollars! Can you imagine how huge Dave’s treasure was? And because he realized that he shouldn’t handle the treasure alone and had sought the help of archaeologists, the historical evidence was saved and able to be used as a museum exhibit for everyone to see.

Today, the coins, the jar and the pot are in the British Museum on display for everyone to appreciate. Dave Crisp will be given a hefty reward for finding such important historical treasure.

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