Treasure in a modern age

Treasure with a golden past

The very word ‘treasure’ captures the imagination of just about everyone. . Blockbuster tales like National Treasure, Sahara and Indiana Jones have tempted us time and again to explore the unknown and unearth the hidden golden past. It’s no exaggeration to state that most of us secretly wish to embark upon a treasure hunting adventure, at least once in our lives, to find secret hidden fortunes!

Everyone can treasure hunt

Most people believe that treasure hunting is limited to archaeologists and historians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many different people enjoy treasure hunting across all age groups, with women making up around thirty percent of all treasure hunters around the world. These inquisitive people, from all walks of life, like to put on their treasure-hunting hats and set off to experience the thrill of making an elusive find. Unfortunately, not many people have the time and funds to set off on treasure hunting trails, but for those who can, the lure of hidden treasure, as well as unearthing knowledge of the past, is simply irresistible!

Many valuable discoveries

Although coins are the most sought after asset among enthusiasts worldwide, treasure hunting as an activity has led to many valuable discoveries. For instance, historical artifacts such as a 6.25 ounce nugget, an entire set of W.M. Rogers silverware contained in a lavish, maple case, Spanish Reales, twelve cents dating back to the year 1799, as well as a wealth of gold, diamonds and other precious stones have been unearthed by those who have considered treasure hunting seriously.

Pirate treasure hunts

Modern day treasure hunting has moved beyond the layers of earth to excavate treasures hidden in the unfathomable depths of the ocean. Pirate treasure hunts are not just a fictional concept. Treasure maps have been discovered in the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Indian oceans and have led treasure hunters to believe in the presence of sunken treasure in these historic sea beds. The lost treasure of Cabo Verdi, Cocos Island, Oak Island and Indian Ocean treasure islands, and the exploits of Sir Francis Drake are not just myths. Treasure hunters firmly believe they exist and that the worth of these antique treasures is beyond measure.

Treasures are everywhere

Treasures can be found anywhere and that’s part of the magic and appeal of treasure hunting. While some may view it as hitting the jackpot, a few others know that a good treasure hunt can lead to unearthing ancient secrets that lie deep beneath the surface. These treasure-hunting activities can contribute to our collective self-knowledge, which is an invaluable treasure in itself.. You do not have to be young or old to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt, you just need an adventurous spirit and a strong desire to uncover the hidden treasures that await the treasure-seeker in all of us.

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