Treasure Hunters find Viking Treasure

vikingship copy Treasure Hunters find Viking TreasureAmateur Treasure Hunters find a Mighty Viking Treasure!

With their long, dragon-headed ships and bull-horned helmets, the mighty Vikings are described by history as violent raiders from the sea. Whatever they were during the ancient times, Viking stories have been a favorite adventure story theme for children all over the world. Their legendary conquests and journeys from Scandinavia to the North Atlantic and Russia are now written as timeless pieces of history.

Vikings came from the countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. These mighty pirates conquered Britain, Scotland and Ireland. Their conquests left treasure trails throughout Europe and Russia. There are several accounts of Viking treasures found and dug up in different places across Europe.

A hoard of Viking treasure is found

In 2007, David Whelan with his son Andrew found a major hoard of Viking treasures in Harrogate, North York Shire in England. The father and son team are amateur treasure hunters who go out on weekends on fields and beach shores with their metal detectors.

Finally, after five long years of waiting for that magical “beep” they discovered something big one Saturday morning. After digging roughly 17 inches, the beeping sound of the metal detector became a determined and sure signal. The Whelan’s found a bowl with silver coins and scraps. They were very excited to find out more! But David and Andrew didn’t want to accidentally destroy any valuable piece of history. So they alerted the authorities and waited until professionals arrived to assist them unearth what is probably the largest hoard of Viking treasure ever found!

True Viking gold and treasures

The find contained 617 silver coins and 65 valuable items such as a gold arm band, dress ornaments, silver rings and brooches. The coins were from as far as Samarkand in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, Scandinavia and North Africa. There was even one rare coin with the inscription Rex Totius Brittaniae, which means, King of the Whole Britain. It is actually the first time that a king claimed to be the king of the whole of Britain.

The treasure was estimated to be over 1 million pounds or probably more. The proceeds will be shared by the Whelan’s and the land owner. It is truly a treasure worth the long wait.

The Vikings were indeed mighty. And the treasures they left behind capture our imagination of what their time must have been like!

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