Treasure changes what we know of Greece

ancient greece Treasure changes what we know of GreeceHiker’s Treasure Find Changes What we Know about Ancient Greece

Greece has a rich history and its contribution to the world includes the Olympics and Greek Mythology, which has been studied around the world.

One day, a hiker found a unique religious artifact, a pendant made of gold. Experts believed that the pendant was made during a prehistoric age called the Neolithic era.

What is so interesting about the find is that experts didn’t think that people of that age had been using metal yet, let alone gold. The pendant the hiker found shed new light on what we know about the Neolithic age. It seems that people from that era were more advanced than what had been thought.Since the pendant find, two other similar artifacts have been found and 25 other prehistoric settlements have been unearthed around the area.

Thessaloniki is a place with a treasure trove of ancient artifacts may be waiting to be discovered. Even more rare is that the hiker who found the gold pendant refused to be identified and she refused any reward for what she found. She just wanted to make sure that the artifact treasure was properly handled and taken care of.

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