The Black Swan

The Real Life Treasure Find that Inspired the Author of Treasure Kai

It was May 2007.

A few months before, I’d had a dream about a new kind of book where each time you turned the page, you had to physically do something to drive the story forward.

From that dream, I knew I wanted to find a way to combine the magic of stories with the fun of little toys

But I couldn’t figure out how I would put toys in a book in an interactive and reusable way.

One afternoon, I was listening to the news and I heard a report about a sunken ship that had been found with hundreds of thousands of silver and gold coins on it, worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

My imagination went wild because I’d always been excited about the idea of finding treasure.

And then I had the “light bulb moment” when I realized I could put treasure chests on a book to house toys that would be clues to finding a treasure. I sat down the next day and wrote the first draft of the book that would become Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island.

The “Black Swan” was found by a company called Odyssey Exploration. Have a look at the Fun Fact Videos we’ve found and produced to learn more about this exciting, real-life treasure.By, Karen Guinn Robertson

As a children’s author and mother of a dyslexic son, Karen is passionate about finding new ways for kids to have fun reading. Her new series, “Treasure Kai” helps kids learn through adventure and fun using book apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and a website with free educational and fun content,

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