Sunken Treasure Worth Millions Found

Sunken Treasure Worth Millions Found on the Long Lost HMS Victory

The sea is a mysterious place. Great and terrifying adventures have been told about the sea for as long as man has ventured forth on it.

Stories of sunken ships and lost treasures, heroes and treasure hunters are the favorite topics of many, especially kids. Time and again, divers have found evidence of great wealth under the sea. These treasure trails have given treasure hunters hope that there are more secrets that the sea hold.

A fortune in gold

In 1744 a great and mighty war ship of the Royal Navy named HMS Victory sank one stormy night somewhere in the English Channel. It had been built in 1737 and was regarded as the most powerful Navy ship on the Royal British Navy fleet. Over 900 men, 31 brass cannons and a fortune in gold went down with the mighty ship one fateful night.

According to historical accounts, HMS Victory had been trying to help a Mediterranean Convoy that was trapped by the French blockade during those times when it went down. It was never found… until now!

Found ship with all of its treasures

In 2009, a US shipwreck salvage company, The Odyssey found the mighty ship with all of its treasures, after years of searching the vast waters. The exact location, however, was not revealed because of plunderers and other treasure hunters who may have interest in the vast treasure of the HMS Victory. Until now, there were questions about who gets the treasure, because it was found by the Odyssey, in International waters. But because it is in fact a British Royal ship, the British government has the rightful claim.

The Odyssey is the same company that found the “Black Swan” treasure ship holding hundreds of thousands of old silver and gold coins from colonial times. This treasure find inspired author, Karen Guinn Robertson, to write the treasure hunt adventure book and book app, Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island.

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