Poem Helps Man Strike Gold

A Treasure Hunting Poem Helps Man Strike Gold!

Have you ever wondered if words can work magic? Terry Herbert believed they could, even after 18 years!

This amateur treasure hunter had a little poem he liked to whisper before he’d go out for a treasure hunt.

“Spirits of yesteryear, take me where the coins appear.”

One lucky day

But one lucky day, he decided to change the word “coins” to “gold” and true enough, gold was what he found!

Terry Herbert had been living on a disability benefit for a long time when he stumbled upon what could be the largest harvest of gold from the Anglo-Saxon era.

Discovered Gold and silver artifacts

He found 1,500 gold and silver artifacts estimated to be from as early as the 7th century, South Staffordshire. The treasure hoard was believed to be from the Anglo-Saxon period. The gold relics weighed about 5 kilograms while the silver weighted about 2.5 kilograms. And the value was estimated to be around a million pounds or more! The treasure will be lawfully divided by Terry and the land owner.

The Anglo-Saxon era was a very significant period in history, especially for Rome, Britain and the whole of Europe. It was during this time that the rule of the great Roman Empire ended, and the new age in Britain and Europe emerged. It is believed that it’s from this era that the English language we use now was born. The Anglo-Saxon period lasted for about 600 years.

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