How the iPad Changed my Career


From the moment I wrote my first “Treasure Kai” story, I knew I wanted to do a series about a boy who takes kids on treasure hunt adventures through history.

In my first book, Treasure Kai discovers imagination and treasure hunt adventure. In the second, he races Francisco Coronado to find the seven lost Cities of Gold in the New World 500 years ago. In the third, he goes treasure hunting with King Tut.

My vision is huge. And I’ve seen it from the beginning. But executing that vision has been a challenge. Because I started out with hard copy book.

As any author or publisher will know, publishing a book is time consuming and expensive.

In June 2010, I was all set to re-print my first book and publish my second.  I was concerned because the upfront costs were going to be expensive and I’d decided I would only take delivery of books in Australia, where I live.  This was frustrating because I knew my book had global appeal and I’m originally from the U.S., but I’d seen with my first book that it was just easier manage the cost of selling books from the country in which I lived.

At the same time, I was planning to produce edutainment video content for my website that would support my vision for Treasure Kai.

Then I saw a book app on the iPad for the first time. Now I’m not a gadget girl, far from it!  But I could see right away that turning “Treasure Kai” into a book app would let me take my love of interactive storytelling to a whole new level. And from a business perspective, it would mean much lower production costs, access to a global market and no inventory to manage.

I immediately got to work on creating our first book app. I’ll share a lot more of that experience in other posts.

Along with launching the book app, I’ve also created a website with content for kids. Knowing that kids become curious about things they see in books, I wanted to create “Fun Fact Videos” so kids could learn more (for Treasure Kai Shark Island, we have Fun Fact Videos about edible bugs, quicksand and the Black Swan, the real life sunken treasure that inspired me to write Treasure Kai. We also have “Behind the Scenes” videos, activity pages and even Treasure Kai’s very own video game

I plan to start developing content that starts to deliver on the brand promise of “learning through adventure and fun with treasure hunt adventures through history.” 

In this blog, I’ll share with you what I’m trying and how things work. I’ll also share with you how I’m doing what I’m doing.

So buckle up and come along for the ride!

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