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Because Grown Ups love treasure hunting too, we welcome you to Treasure Kai!

What is Treasure Kai all about?

Treasure Kai is about helping kids learn through adventure and fun (and guilt-free screen time for you!). Our hero, Treasure Kai, goes on fictional treasure hunts through history

The clues he finds and the challenges he faces ignite kids’ curiosity about history and the natural world around them. That’s where the Fun Fact Videos come in – showcasing select topics from the books.  

Why did you create Treasure Kai?

Inspired by her sons who weren’t keen readers, author Karen Robertson originally created Treasure Kai as an interactive book with 3D treasure chests and toys, to deliver a fun and successful reading experience for kids.

While they struggled with reading, they loved learning – especially things about history like the ancient Egyptians and explorers of old. This inspired Karen to create a series of fictional treasure hunt adventures inspired by history and supported by Fun Fact Videos – so kids could have fun and learn at the same time!

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