Golden Cup

A number of valuable treasure finds have been discovered by amateur treasure hunters.

Cliff Bradshaw was one such lucky treasure hunter. In 2001, he stumbled upon a golden cup buried just 18 inches below the ground! The cup which was believed to be around 4000 years old and created at about the time that Stonehenge was mysteriously formed.

The cup which is now known as the Ringlemere Gold Cup, was found near Sandwich in Kent County. It had been badly damaged by recent ploughing.

It is believed the cup was used in rituals and had been perfectly shaped and formed from a single lump of gold.

It now rests at the British Museum where a team of experts have already determined its value to be a quarter of a million pounds.

The Ringlemere Cup was listed as number 10 in the list of Top 10 British archaeological finds chosen by experts at the British Museum for a 2003 BBC TV documentary.

The Ringlemere Cup is certainly a treasure to be marvelled at.

Cliff and his fellow amateurs regard such a valuable find as a once in a life time stroke of luck!

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