Q. Why did you create “Treasure Kai”?

A. Treasure Kai is all about learning through adventure and fun – and it all began with a dream (literally)!

When my sons were 6 and 9, they had no interest in reading.  One night, I had a dream about a new kind of book where each time they turned the page, kids got to physically do something to drive the story forward. This dream became the first “Treasure Kai” interactive book with treasure chests and toys.

Later, I saw how much they loved learning about history (ancient Egypt and other civilizations, explorers, colonization, etc.) and that sparked the idea of taking Treasure Kai on fictional treasure hunts through history, supported by factual “Fun Fact Videos”.

Q. How is the “Treasure Kai” app different from other book apps?

A. “Treasure Kai” is a cinematic, choose-your-adventure treasure hunt adventure story
-Thousands of ways to find the gold so kids read-play over and over
-Original score composed just for “Treasure Kai”
-First in a unique series that takes kids on fictional treasure hunts through history
-Supported by a website with “Fun Fact” videos, “Behind the Scenes” content, an interactive game and other activities as well – for hours of fun

Q. How is the “Treasure Kai” book different from other books?

A. It’s a book that thinks it’s a game and a game that thinks it’s a book!  The format of treasure chests on a book is unique. Kids absolutely love the toys and how they act as the clues that drive the story forward. And there are thousands of ways to find the gold so kids can read-play over and over to see how quickly they can find the gold.

Q. What is the Gold Mom’s Choice Award?

A. The Mom’s Choice Awards in the USA establish the benchmark of excellence in family friendly media, products and services. “Treasure Kai” was selected by an esteemed panel of judges which included experts in education and media as well as parents, children, librarians, producers, authors and others. Judges especially look for products that help families grow emotionally, physically and spirtually; are morally sound and promote good will; are inspirational and uplifting.

Q. Does the author (Karen Robertson) speak at events?

A. Yes, Karen has spoken at over a hundred events for schools, networking groups, businesses and more in Australia and overseas. Contact her through the Contact Us form.

Q. How can people buy the app?

A. Visit the Apple App Store and search Treasure Kai  http://itunes.apple.com

Q. How can people buy the book?

A. People can buy the book through this website while supplies last.

Q.  Why are the shipping & handling prices different for different states in Australia?

A. Australia Post charges vary significantly depending on the state being delivered to. Because our warehouse is in NSW, NSW has the lowest shipping and handling cost. As soon as we ship interstate, Australia Post’s costs go up, for some states significantly! We occassionally use couriers if the shipping price is cheaper than Australia Post.
Q. Is the book format patented?

Q.  When buying, why do I have to indicate which country I’m delivering in?

A. Books delivering to Australia must include the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Also, book-games are warehoused in Australia and the U.S. So the country we are delivering to impacts our costs for warehousing, bank fees and shipping and handling.

Q.  Why are the prices different for books depending on the country being delivered to (Australia, US and overseas)?

A. In Australia, prices must include GST. Also, our costs are different for shipping, warehousing and bank fees depending on where the book-games are shipped to, warehoused and shipped from.

A. Yes, patent is pending and the format of containers of any shape, function, number or placement on a book is available for licensing.