This short video shows teacher, Katie Moore Wainscott providing feedback to Treasure Kai author, Karen Robertson about two of the curriculum activities her classes did.


Screen grab of Katie feedback video Educate



Following are curriculum activities developed by National Board Certified Teacher and Apps with Curriculum consultant, Cyndie Sebourne.

Each activity complies with Common Core Standards should that be a requirement.

Each includes a description and lesson plan.

Activities for “Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island”

Clue Poem Activity

Subjects: Language Arts

Student will label the rhyme scheme of clue poems in the app Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island; then will create a clue poem and present it as a mystery to solve.

Download Clue Poem activity PDF here

A Buggy Story

Subjects: Language Arts and Science 

Student will write, illustrate, and publish a story about a bug

Note: Also see Fun Fact Video entitled Bugs for Dinner   

Download A Buggy Story activity PDF here

I’m a Teacher!

Subjects: Language Arts

Student will illustrate, write, and audio record a three minute lesson to teach about something that he or she treasures in life

Download I’m a Teacher! activity PDF here

Making Quicksand

Subjects: Language Arts, Science

Student will listen to a video’s instructions and apply them to creating quicksand.

Note: See Fun Fact Video here and the ingredient needed is corn starch

Download Making Quicksand activity PDF here


Researching Quicksand

Subjects: Language Arts, Science

Student will brainstorm a topic about quicksand, and then will then present important facts about the topic.

Download Researching Quicksand activity PDF here.

Treasure Kai Writing Prompt

Subjects: Language Arts, Science

Student will write a “How to” paragraph, explaining how to __________. (Teacher-Assigned Topics)

Download Treasure Kai Writing Prompt activity PDF here. 

Treasure Kai Preposition Activities

Subjects: Language Arts

Students will write sentences that use prepositional phrases, which describe an object that they have selected and they will create a visual of the object and audio record their reading of the sentences.

Download the Treasure Kai Preposition Smarty Activity PDF here.

Download the answers to the Preposition Smarty Activity here.

Download the Powerpoint presentation about prepositions here.


Activities for “Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold”

Reading Strategies

Download the Reading Strategies for Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold here

Access other activities including Project Based Learning here.