Youtube Video About The Black Swan – The Shipwreck that Inspired the Author

This is a great video on Youtube about The Black Swan and Odyssey, the company that found it. This is the shipwreck that inspired author, Karen Robertson, to write Treasure Kai.  Thanks to BOA News. Be sure to check out our Fun Fact Video below!


Is the lesson that Kai learned about quicksand in science class correct? Did he do the right thing at Skeleton Beach? Watch this video to find out…

"Bugs for Dinner?"

In the “bug” story on Shark Island, Treasure Kai must trust the clue and eat the blue bugs in order to free the chest from Monkey Rock. To his delight, the bugs turn into chocolate! While bugs are not a common food in the Western world, there are cultures all over the world that eat bugs as part of their diet. Watch this short video to learn more. Yum!

“The Black Swan”

In May 2007, author, Karen Robertson, heard a news report about a real sunken ship that had been discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. From the olden days, this ship held over 500,000 silver and gold coins on it worth an absolute fortune! It’s this news report that triggered the idea for “Treasure Kai”. See a video about this real sunken treasure, here!