Behind the Scenes

BEHINDSCENES Behind the ScenesKids love getting a sneak peek at what goes on “behind the scenes.” How is a character created? Named? What is the illustration process? How long does it take to write the stories? Where do the author’s ideas come from? That’s what you’ll learn in videos on this page!

Creating Kate – How Treasure Kai’s Best Friend Kate was Designed

Author, Karen Robertson shows you how illustrator, Vic Guiza and she worked together, via video skype, to create Treasure Kai’s best friend Kate. Vic was in Mexico and Karen was in Australia!


How Treasure Kai was Created – A Peak Behind the Scenes

When Karen visits schools, one of the things kids love most is to ask lots of questions and take a sneak peek behind the scenes of how Treasure Kai was created and produced.

Check out this first video to see how the character of Treasure Kai was designed and how the Book App was made.

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Have fun!