“Treasure Kai” uses adventure and fun to teach kids about history!


  • Book Apps - kids go on fictional treasure hunt adventures through history with Treasure Kai.
  • “Fun Fact Videos” -short videos that teach kids more about the historical people events and enviroments that are introduced in the fictional story.
  • “Behind the Scenes” – kids love getting a sneak peek into how things are done. See the makings of the character, illustrations, books, apps, author interviews and so much more!
  • Online game - Free online video game inspired by “Treasure Kai and teh Lost Gold of Shark Island”
  • Activity Pages- Free fun pages with mazes, word searches and more!
  • Educate! - Free curriculum activites designed to meet U.S. Common Core Standards for learning fun


The “Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island” book app won Best in Category at the New Media Film Festival in San Francisco, is a Digital Storytime “Top 10 Most Original,” “Top 10 Most Innovative Use of Interactivity” and “Top 25 Most Essential” Children’s Book App. It’s also one of the Top 250 Apps for Kids as chosen in Appstar Picks and and Editor’s Choice from Appysmarts.

The Team


Author and “Treasure Kai” Creator – Karen Guinn Robertson

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Karen Guinn Robertson – Creator of Treasure Kai


It all started with a dream.

In 2007, Karen had a dream about a new kind of book where kids got to physically interact with the book to drive the story forward.

From that dream came Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island, an interactive book that combined the magic of stories with the fun of little toys and treasure.

After much success in Australia and winning a Gold Mom’s Choice Award in the US for Treasure Kai, Karen decided to launch “Treasure Kai” as a series of apps.

“Originally from Texas, Karen spent 18 years in Sydney, Australia before recently moving to Austin, Texas with her family.She loves spending time with family and friends, writing and creating, reading, entertaining, walks on the beach/in the woods, eating out and has a passion for dark chocolate!

Visit Karen’s website, Digital Kid’s Author  to follow her blog.

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Vic Guiza About

Victor Guiza


Illustrator – Victor Guiza

Victor Guiza has over 25 years of experience as a creative development designer. He has a true passion to create!

He has worked with such top companies and brands (from Mexico, USA, Hong Kong & Spain) as Disney, The Simpsons, Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, Televisa, Fritolay, PromoWorld, Kellogg’s, and Exim Licensing, and of course, Treasure Kai!

Victor lives in Mexico with his lovely wife Michelle and his daughters. His hero is Superman.

Producer – Jeff Wannberg

Beginning with sound design for Universal Studios theme parks, Jeff’s twenty year career in entertainment has taken him from postproduction, to development for film and television. Jeff now enjoys working full time helping to bring Treasure Kai and his incredible adventures to life.

Music and Sound – Paul Menichini

Paul’s career in entertainment spans over twenty years, and includes almost every aspect of sound for film, television and games. Paul wrote original music for Treasure Kai.

Artist & Game Designer – Michael Page

Michael produced the graphics and designed the levels for the Treasure Kai game This is his second published game and he hopes one of many more to come.
He likes his fiction consistent, his reality astounding, and the line between them blurred.

Game Developer – Amir Barak

Amir designed the Treasure Kai video game.

Video Production – Fiona Hills & Dave Field

Created the trailers, Fun Fact Videos, and Behind the Scenes videos on the website.

Webmaster – Umar Farooq

Web developer, Network Administrator and IT Consultant with Microsoft and Cisco Certifications and working for clients worldwide. Umar is Webmaster for Treasure Kai’s Official site.

Treasure Kai Book App 2 Developer – Ripplfx

Transmedia company, Ripplfx Mobile Media developed “Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold.”